Why We Joined Online Kappa

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Just a Few Thoughts on Why We Joined Online Kappa


What BSP and OLK mean to me
    Some folks think the larger an organization is the less significant its members become.
Such is not the case with Beta Sigma Phi. BSP is world-wide.  BSP has members who speak a variety of languages, have a variety of cultural dress, have a variety of ideals. But the common language of the social and service of Beta Sigma Phi is life, learning, and friendship. Thus the same  for individual chapter members. BSP Members  are held together in the enjoyment of being together, sharing experiences, exchanging stories.
Membership chapters are land-line or online. Each form of membership provides social and service opportunities for individual growth and enjoyment. Online membership provides a unique opportunity of diversity and mobility. Women with an active career, those who are infirmed,  others who may be homebound can still share a companionship that is accepting.
In a nut-shell, everything about Beta Sigma Phi, land-line and online, is an asset and not a liability. Online membership in BSP provides me a friendship in a quality organization while providing me the mobility I need. Each Online Kappa member is connected digitally via computer, cell phone for voice mail or text messages. The electronic technology of today  provides me with opportunities of participation and leadership while maintaining the mobility that is part of my lifestyle. This is a personal growth that serves my needs and gives me pleasure.
In sum, BSP with its multiple forms, is an asset to me, and by virtue of my participation and pleasure, I am an asset to this world wide organization.   
What BSP means to me.
my sorority is important to me because of the wonderful fellowships that it brings to me.  I have a group of Sisters that I can trust and can share with.  I can reach out with friendship and know that it is returned three fold.  When I need help or trouble with concerns, I know that I can put it out for support and it comes flowing back.
I joined BSP when I moved away from my hometown; I left behind all my family, friends and the home I had grown up in.  We moved from Michigan to Kansas where I learned about an organization, a sisterhood that brought women together to learn about true friendships, helping others and being a part of a larger group of women. It helped me adjust to living in a new area and make lasting connections and friendships. BSP has been a part of my life since then and many of those ladies I first met are still my friends and sisters today even though I have moved several times since. 
I was one of three original members to start OLK in 2000, and it has become the greatest group of women I've ever belonged to.  The caring emails that fly back and forth to one another when someone has a joy to share or a sorrow, where a member might need sympathy, is beyond amazing!  I am the oldest member of our chapter and have been a member of Beta Sigma Phi for 65 years!  Proudly, I wear my badge and proclaim my membership in this terrific organization!
I initially joined Beta Sigma Phi because I loved the idea of participating
and benefitting from the monthly programs. It provided a way of learning
something new every month, and the fellowship with Beta sisters was the
cherry on top!
Due to vision problems I found it difficult to attend land chapter meetings
because they met in the evening. When my mom suggested On-Line Kappa, it
seemed the perfect way to maintain my attendance in a BSP chapter from the
comfort of my own home. I also love the broad spectrum of sisters I have
come to know, and the different backgrounds that have made them what they
are today. It is so interesting to hear from them about where they live,
their varied interests, professions, family make-up and their own BSP
I feel very blessed to be part of this lovely group of beautiful and
inspiring women.
I joined OLK to have friendships with some great ladies and to continue my BSP journey.  

I joined OLK when I moved to begin my new marriage and new life.  I didn't know anyone in the area and was having a hard time find a local land chapter to join.  I "visited" OLK to see what this online stuff was all about and was pleasantly surprised at how well it was run.  Then I got to know the ladies in this chapter and was so happy to meet so many kind and uplifting people.  I know that no matter what happens in my life, good or bad, my sisters are right here with me every step of the way.  I honestly don't know what I would do without the sisters that I have here.  These are some of the most well traveled, well read, well rounded people I've ever met and they've enriched my life so much.  I can honestly say that I love each and every one of them.