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Dear Sisters,


Welcome to our 2015-2016 sorority year with OLK and Beta Sigma Phi.  This year's theme is Your Forever Friends and I can honestly say that a truer statement was never spoken.  Once a Beta Sigma Phi, always a Beta Sigma Phi.  Wherever you go in the world, you’ll have an opportunity to meet another sister.  Also, wherever you go, you have the opportunity to add another sister to our ranks and create a forever friend. 

As a member of an online chapter, we all have a unique relationship with each other.  Some of us have met in person, some are actually family members and others have never met the other sisters but feel like they’ve known each other forever.  I, myself, fall into the last group.  Although I’ve not met many of you I feel that each month that goes by, I get to know something new about each of you.  Our bond is growing tighter because of the sharing that we do with each other.  That brings me to my thoughts for this coming year. 

As an online chapter, our very existence and success depends on our email contact with each other.  Notice I said email.  Although we are online, our chapter is an email based entity.  I’m friends with a number of you on Facebook as well as other sisters around the world.  I’m a part of various BSP groups on Facebook also.  But my primary means of communication is through email.  Without that communication, our chapter would fade away.  There is nothing wrong with being Facebook friends, blogger friends, snail mail friends or picking up the phone just to chat with each other but first and foremost, it’s emails that keep us together as a chapter.  I cannot stress the importance enough of that means of keeping in touch. 

With that, I’m going to kind of go off the rails a bit here and discuss our Facebook presence within the chapter.  I’ve noticed over the months that those that are on Facebook in our chapter seem to have plenty of time to post on there during our monthly meetings, but that once they send in their roll call, don’t have time to post anything further through email to the chapter.  This is simply unacceptable and honestly, rude.  I would like each and every one of you to ask yourself this question, “Why am I a member of OLK?”  If your answer is NOT so you can create a bond with your fellow sisters and grow in your sorority, you are here for all the wrong reasons.  If all you want to do is add another activity to your resume, have another avenue for networking or to appear busy to those around you, then you are here for the wrong reasons.   Your commitment to OLK is to attend a meeting ONCE a month, send in a chatter ONCE a month, send your roll call in a timely manner, host a social once (maybe twice) a year and to present a program once (maybe twice a year).  If this is too much for you, then you should re-evaluate your membership in OLK. 

I’m sure you’re probably wondering why I’m saying all of these things at this time.  It’s not that I want any of you to leave OLK, let’s be clear on that right away.  However, I have noticed a pattern to things over the last few months that have me quite concerned for our chapter.  I'll use this last month for an example.  I purposely kept the vote for Program of the Year to one day based on past history of it taking 3-5 days to get all the votes in for a particular item.  To me, that is unacceptable.  I'm sure, like me, you have better things to do than wait around for almost a week to tally votes.  Some of these same sisters, I'm friends with on Facebook and see multiple posts on there during the times of our meetings, so I'm a bit upset that they seem to have time for posting on Facebook but not taking time to make motions, send in reports, sending in votes to our once a month meeting.  I'm really upset too that only one sister that missed the voting this month actually apologized and explained her situation to me.  The others haven't said a word about why they couldn't vote or anything.   I know we're not a land chapter but I do feel that our sisters should treat this once a month meeting the same as they would if they were attending a land chapter meeting where they would be expected to participate within the time frame (usually a couple of hours) of the meeting.  They are given an entire day and usually a half to participate with OLK.  With that all being said, this next sorority year, I'm going to conduct the entire meeting in one day, Sunday.  Opening ritual to closing ritual, all in one day.  The reason for this is there are sisters that don't show up on Sunday at all and then just pop in on Monday, say hi and call it good.  We won't hear from them until the end of the month, right before the next meeting is to start.  The other reason is, we have some sisters that will check in on Sunday but then bug out and we never hear from them again.  

My other thought is that as friends, we must be honest with each other.  Without honesty, there is no trust and without trust, there is no friendship.  When we each became sisters we made a promise to hold ourselves to a higher moral code and a standard of conduct that reflects on the rest of BSP.  We promised to be courteous to one another, not to engage in gossiping behind another’s back, to always treat each other as we wish to be treated.  We promised to take responsibility for our own actions and words and if we should hurt another with those, we must apologize and promise to never repeat that error again.  We promised to always be polite and understanding of everyone, no matter the differences.  We promised to always support each other, whether we agree with them or not.  I think that if each of us thinks on these promises that we’ve made, we will all continue to be good sisters to one another.  Without these promises in place, we would not be very good sisters and feelings will be hurt on a continuing basis and the chapter will be in jeopardy. 

I look forward to another year of continued growth as friends and sisters.  Keep your promises in mind and I guarantee that we’ll always be “Forever Friends” and our chapter and our sorority will continue to be the best woman’s organization to belong to and our numbers will increase.  Who doesn’t want to add a few more forever friends to their lives?  I know that I love adding to my chain of friends.  Eventually you all become like family to me, my family of wonderful sisters.

Have a great year Sisters!

I Am Thy Sister -- Karen